The Constant Stirring of Emotions and the Smell of Popcorn

The cinemas, they bring about feelings of fun, excitement and surprise. Walking into a theatre you can smell the scent of popcorn floating in the air; hear the crush of ice from the machines and the giddiness in movie goers’ voices while being moments away from seeing a movie that can convey so many emotions in a few hours on the screen before you. There is nothing better than going to the cinemas. Go alone, with a gaggle of people or on a date, it can be a memorable experience. You find your seats, the lights go dim and suddenly your transported into the movie as you sit there munching on yummy snacks and cold drinks.
As sheer excitement takes over once the previews are over, you are instantly enthralled in the characters, storyline and graphics, wishing you could jump into the screen and play the heroine, the bad guy or the leader. You want to be a part of what you see, with the costumes and glamor and action. Cinemas have really been around for quite a while and have come a long way. From silent black and white shows to megaplexes and IMAX theatres.

Cinema History

The first showing of a silent movie was in 1895. Using the kinetoscope they were able to project these movies on make shift screens in buildings or store fronts. Inventors at that time I am sure had high hopes and amazing dreams of making movies more common with the growth of technology, but had no idea to what great extent the industry would turn into. In the years following the cinemas become more and more popular and with the hands of time and inventive minds, it was able to sprout in to a great source of revenue and entertainment.

As time progressed, demand became greater and technology. By the 1940’s and 1950’s the movies were the ultimate date night location. At this point in time designated buildings were built for the cinemas and gathered many crowds. This was the time that air conditioning and the ability to cool movie goers inside was popular, and a great way to get out of the heat in the summer months. During this time frame movie legends were born, It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart, Casablanca with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart were hits and leading men and women had begun taking movie goers by storm.

Cinema Today

Decades ago, some of the greatest actor, actresses and movies of our time were made. But, now we are imagining technology and ideas that would be astonishing to them. The ability to take movies and grasp two different worlds and bring them to life literally before your eyes is an amazing thing to think about. We have gone from penny theatres established on sides of stores and buildings to designated movie houses with lights, comfortable seats and the ability to see them popping out from the screen in 3D and surrounding us in IMAX cinemas that can bring a room to life.

No matter how much has changed, how the graphics have gotten better, story lines deeper and colors more vibrant, the cinemas still in fact remain the same. They bring excitement of what is going to be played before you, fear during the scary scenes and tears of joy during the romance. The cinemas bring families close and date nights even closer. It will be amazing to see how much cinemas change in the many years to come and how we change with it. Yet it will still bring feelings of joy, excitement, happiness and giddiness when ordering the buttery popcorn, the sweet chocolate clusters and smooth bubbly soda. Cinemas have always brought on a range of emotions and leave you with the thought of how you cannot wait to go again.

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