Wellington Bars


Info about Wellington Bars

After a hard working day, the most pleasant moment is when you go to the local wellington bar and drink a good, tasty beer along with your best friends and pals.
Nowadays wellington bars are filled with work and hunting for money, some people cannot even imagine what other places exist besides a simple bar.
Nowadays constant changing of cultures and the society has lead wellington bars to change their character.

Beverage Sizes
Standard sizes are a pint or a half pint, or in a bottle.

Bar Drinks

The main beverages which are sold in wellington bars and pubs offer: alcohol drinks including beer, spirit, wine, cider. If beer is your favourite, you can go with either light or strong ales. Also sold in wellington bars is a delicatessen cider, a must try. Cider was traditionally made from apple and can be sweet or dry. What about a famous Scotch whisky? Wellington Bars usually sell these as a shot.

Additional drinks available in wellington bars are usually cocktails, also known as umbrella drinks, since little umbrellas are placed in the drink. Well, be ready for a delicious Margarita, Mojito and Blue Hawaii along with the Pina Colada, Daiquiris, Long island iced tea, Gin & Tonic, Bacardi, Tequila Sunrise, Jager Bomb.

Non-alcoholic drinks
If you or the kids feel like a non alcoholic beverage bars usually offer ginger beer, orange juice, lemonade or coke.

Try something new
Wanting to try something new? You may find small Japanese drinking wellingrton bars in New Zealand called where you can both drink and eat. Sake, shōchū made from sweet potatoes and barley with an average 25% alcohol is usually on the list.

History of Bars in New Zeland

Bars are often called pubs, lounges or taverns.
Pubs have evolved since the old western days, where bars had am old-school looking stylish western saloon look.

Well, logically thinking, in those times where the first inhabited locations were founded in America, the main place for entertainment was such an establishment. Compared with wellington bars, The old western saloons could be considered to be the ancestor of the modern wellington bar.
Bars in wellington offer alongside the concentrated tobacco smoke, the homemade whiskey, rum and beer. In those hard times, the entertainment was assured by the dancers and different types of card and dice games. Find local wellington bars near you!

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