Dunedin Weather Forecast

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    Dunedin General Info

    New Zealand is an epicenter of fine and fun things to see and do, and Dunedin is no different. A largely populated city because of the gold rush that had swept through, it was a hugely populated area until about 1900 when settlers began their trek to the northern part of the southern island of New Zealand. Located along the eastern shores of the southern island, Dunedin weather is slightly cooler than areas located farther north. With about 1100 hours of sunshine each year, with a slight rain fall throughout the yearly months, it has been known to stay daylight well into the evening hours in the summer months.

    Common Dunedin Weather Forecast

    Dunedin weather does offer a lot to the residents and visitors of the area allowing for many fun things to take place. With mild temperatures you can experience the city life and sprawling mountains and wildlife all year long, which is why it can be so appealing to many throughout the world. Historical locations are located throughout the city offering guests the chance to see the beginnings of the city of Dunedin and how it started with such force becoming the area that it is today. With these historical locations rich in culture and visions of the past, the beautiful architecture brings about a sense of the past with a modernized touch.

    Dunedin Weather Climates

    In comparison to the other cities in New Zealand, The Dunedin weather climate and rainfall is much less frequent. With mild temperatures throughout the city, the Dunedin weather area is scattered with different geographical climates. They say that you can experience 4 seasons in a day within this New Zealand city. There are mountains, country sides and the shoreline -each offering their own to the temperature and climate of the Dunedin Weather location. Here the temperatures are generally very mild and snow fall is almost non-existent. With snow fall on average occurring every two to three years, you can experience sun and some frequent rain falls all year long without having any snow fall.

    Dunedin Winds

    The mountains assist the city Dunedin Weather with winds taking over. While it can be exceptionally cloudy with in the Dunedin weather area, the mountains along the one side allow protection from inclement weather patterns and keep the winds to a minimum. Along with other locations in New Zealand, the summer months are within November to March while the winter months are around June to September and spring and fall in between. But because of the mild Dunedin weather, it is wonderful all year long.

    Dunedin Activities

    The city offers many of things to keep residents and visitors busy all year long. With festivals ranging all year long from arts, music and athletics you can experience everything the city has to offer all year long. You can experience a diverse range of cultural activities while get a little competitive with the local athletic teams and events. There is something that meets that love of everyone who lives in Dunedin and the Dunedin weather makes it such a diverse location with many different things to see and do.
    Home to many galleries, botanical gardens, wildlife reserves and shopping hubs, you can experience a wide range of the New Zealand flare. Not only does it offer many different locations to see and tour, but you can easily find a place to rest your feet for a spell and enjoy local foods and even diverse cuisines. There is something that can truly please anyone and all can have an enjoyable time. The Dunedin weather is something to boast about, but being able to experience so much culture and events makes the entire city of Dunedin that much more appealing to visit, anytime of the year.

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